The Eating Disorder Treatment Network in Munich


“The sense of mission of those affected is very large,” says Dornhofer. It is typical to differ strongly between “good” and “bad” foods. So says Dr. Lisa Pecho, specialist medical expert on eating disorders in the two counseling centers ANAD eV and the eating disorder treatment network in Munich: “Sufferers define healthy food often as the absence of fat and carbohydrates. Here, our body needs these nutrients. “Pecho it is therefore wrong to demonize certain foods. “The campaign often begins in kindergarten,” she criticized.

Children learned there, “good” from “bad” food to differ – candy would sometimes banish consistently. “If not even cake may be brought on the birthday, is ideological excesses,” says the doctor. In the sense of a “model learning” – – would get a better sense of well-balanced diet is that children, for example by cooking together is sensible.
Behind Orthorexia often puts something else – But mostly behind a morbid Orthorexia something else. “Those who are so preoccupied with an issue will often repel other issues,” says Pecho. This could be, for example, fears, insecurities, but also anger. These thorns Hofer fit observation that people with an obsessive personality – these are rather anxious and perfectionistic contemporaries – are particularly vulnerable to the disorder. Worsens their situation, such as family problems, can derail their eating: “It’s inspiring for them, that they can at least check this area if they feel helpless in other areas,”You can information about health


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