Relatives and Friends Can Often do Little to Help Orthorexia


Few patients of Orthorexia recognize their problem and seek advice or treatment. After all, they are confident in the rule of their conduct. Pietrowsky says: “The people think that everything is fine with them in order, and show little insight into the disease.” But many of them come because of other problems to the doctor or psychotherapist.

Relatives and friends can often do little to help Orthorexia. “They should encourage those affected careful not to be so rigid and to eat a varied,” says Pietrowsky. And Pecho advises: “If you have a trusting relationship, one should address the striking preoccupation with eating quietly situated.” Less effort it costs the affected her experience to get first on a professional counseling help. “Do not you think the same, that they are in need of therapy,” she says.

Figure delusion: I’m off to slim – Just in time for summer are the pounds fall that have accumulated due to improper diet or lack of exercise. Societal pressure and mirages in the media lead to a figure dictation, which can be dangerous.

Fuchsia Ruffle Bikinis, yellow tank-tops: The Swimwear Summer is colorful and scarce. And so the sun brings on the day, which can be concealed in the winter. At the latest bathing season many say the extra weight on the hip, the paunch or the limp thighs to fight back.For more:


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