Apparently Tend People Who Already Deal Strongly With Diet

Who already has a special way to feed themselves, is more vulnerable: “It has been shown that vegetarians and vegans a slightly higher probability of Orthorexia than the total population,” says the psychologist.

Apparently tend people who already deal strongly with diet, rather to exaggerate: A Study of the University of Innsbruck, were interviewed in the nearly 300 dieticians to their eating behavior, revealed astonishing numbers. Almost 13 percent were therefore at risk of developing a Orthorexia, or already suffered from the disorder.

The term Orthorexia was coined by the American alternative medicine Steven Bratman, who first described the eating disorder in detail in a 1997 article. The word comes from the Greek: “Ortho” means correct and “orexis” appetite. In a truly new disease Bratman was not met: “The phenomenon has always existed,” says Dr. Susanne Dornhofer, director of the eating disorders group indication on the recto Clinic Lake Starnberg. “In the wake of food scares and the general uncertainty in terms of nutrition, the number of people affected but has greatly increased in recent years.”Read More About Health And Fitness Go To The Link

Diet can be a kind of religion – Often a Orthorexia begins with the fact that people make with a certain diet good experience: You have thus taken, for example, feel fitter or internally pure. Against this background, a diet of a species can be religion to which you want to convert and the environment.


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