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Temperature scared you or your baby’s cough?
Temperature scared you or your baby’s cough? Although in most cases it is nothing serious, it’s good to know what to do. We asked the pediatrician Marty skive and she gave us the most important issues to you in connection with infant interested in virus diseases.
What do they look typical symptoms of virus diseases in infants?
First, it is necessary to distinguish common colds (so-called diseases of cold) right from the flu. While the disease caused by common cold viruses are annoying and the infant may cause some complications, influenza is a serious disease that can severely endanger him.
Common colds are manifested by restlessness, fever, difficulties with drinking, slightly more elevated temperature, infants rarely exceeds 38.5 ° C.
Sometimes it adds only mild diarrhea or loose stools (contributes to the swallowed mucus from the upper respiratory tract – the baby cannot spit it). Infant wakes from sleep, poorly sucks.
In both bothers him stuffy nose – the swollen nasal mucosa and rhinitis. Before drinking are necessary drops suitable for infants and gently suck
This disease takes three days to a week, sometimes “bumps” in the ear, followed by painful inflammation of the middle ear. Full cure the common cold is still in infancy rule.
The flu starts suddenly from full health high temperature around 40 ° C (from 6 months may be accompanied by a sharp rise in fever and febrile convulsions, younger children rarely).
The baby is hot, tearful or apathetic, not interested in drinking, slow response to the salutation, not interested in the game. Here is info about health and fitness


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