Treatment For Ovarian Cancer


Karolyn She has had treatment for ovarian cancer and her sister three times cured of breast cancer.

However she decided to undergo prophylactic mastectomy. “I spoke with many experts and read a lot of scientific literature on this, so I formed my mind and decided not to go for surgery.

My decision involves a lot of other aspects that may affect my health, “says Karolyn.

The media coverage of the decision of Angelina Jolie in one category together two different things, namely family history and BRCA gene

Family history means that some of the relatives fell ill with breast cancer.

This may increase the predisposition, but it does not mean that you necessarily a carrier of the mutation.

In addition, many experts argue that a family history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer may be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and other external influences that have been passed down through generations, without the family history of faulty BRCA gene. BRCA gene mutation is many, and not all mean that increase the risk of disease.


Only 5-10% of total breast cancer can be attributed to defective BRCA gene, for example, while obesity increases the risk of breast or twice.Here is info about bv cures

Please update your genes some studies claim that we ourselves can influence the behavior of their genes and genes are therefore not immutable building blocks with which you cannot move..


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