Recommended Treatments For Infection


Sometimes painful cries, has accelerated pulse and breathing.

This is a serious condition overall.

By how many degrees clotting fever?

The golden rule is that up to 38 ° C, the temperature should not be lower. Above 37 ° C to optimize the function of the immune system – the child better scrambles the disease.

The higher temperature is better to decrease Children never (!) Away from drugs with aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, etc.) to avoid serious damage to the liver and brain, called Reye’s syndrome, which is only half of the cases fatal.

You can submit a descendant of or ibuprofen ideally in syrup or as a suppository.

Never exceed the recommended daily dose, which is calculated according to body weight (pharmacist will be happy to help with dosing).

Although it is a safe product, it is a medication that is effective and safe at the same time only the correct dosage. There is no reason why the two products serve alternately as is sometimes recommended.

When the temperature drops after drug administration, it is a reason to visit a pediatrician and determine the cause.If you willing to learn more, you would interesting to visit

This may include infection, which requires different treatment. Sometimes the recommended treatments, which would, however, children under one year rather not give.

Quenching leather large part of the body can lead to an incorrect response of the organism babies whose thermoregulation is still developing.


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