Opinion On The Treatment Of Viral Infections


What is your opinion on the treatment of viral infections using homeopathic remedies?

For adults, I have no objections, and the placebo effect has forty efficiency, so why not. Especially during viral infections do not give the causal treatment, anti viral therefore, by default, so it’s a harmless such “bonus” extra.

Treatment consists only of alleviating the symptoms of a sleep mode, the administration plenty of fluids and vitamins both viral infections and in an uncomplicated flu right.

It must not, however, overlook the warning signs of complications that have required treatment, i.e., worsening cough, not decreasing temperature, loss of appetite, disturbance of consciousness, abdominal pain, vomiting.

If you are properly prepared homeopathic and contain undesirable or toxic ingredients, then about infants around one year with a slight cold will not hurt, but in my opinion not help.

Children would not give an any miracle drugs of unknown composition on the recommendation of friends and neighbors. When in doubt, it is necessary to see a doctor.

What would you advise mothers, have some “old wives ‘advice’?

The wisdom of our grandmothers is not fully appreciated by modern medicine, but I kept sanity. Sick child should get a light diet, plenty of fluids, and in particular should be at rest.

Caress, burial, loving calming has healing power even babies. I myself their sick children behaved and imagined that they contact supply power to heal. Sometimes it really worked.Here is info about Infections http://www.reviewlity.com/category/women-health/bv-treatments/


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