Newborns With A High Temperature

Small children react sharply to changes in temperature. Very short bath in lukewarm water, on the contrary, they hurt.

When to see a doctor and in what cases just home treatment?

Newborn with temperature (i.e. child under the age of 28 days) should always be examined by a pediatrician. As a rule, the bigger the baby, the longer you put off seeing a doctor.

The condition is that the youngsters are in generally good condition (for colds and mild temperature). This means that reacts to reach, caress, interested in drinking (although when it has problems), sleeping peacefully.

The pediatrician should definitely see a child at a temperature above 38 ° C that lasts longer than three days at a temperature higher than 39 ° C sooner.

Forty is no longer a reason for an immediate visit to the pediatrician.

Small children do not have developed immune system. The worst that babies are about three months of age when they “run out” antibodies from the mother, but the body is still unable to create sufficient quantities.

For small children there is more to the spread of infection in older age can have their immune system infectious inflammation of the draw and discarded. Therefore, in young children with help-seeking do not hesitate.

The doctor must always, if your descendant vomits and does not accept liquid when it is apathetic, lethargic, unresponsive to address, at a temperature of 40 ° C and above, if breathing problems or if it is significantly pale, bluish, has decreased muscle tone ( the “rag”), or vice versa, if the muscles are too tight (sags in the back, has convulsions).You can read information about Antibiotics


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