Is a Mastectomy Right For You

Mastectomy: What is good for Angelina, may not be good for you

Angelina removes the left breast! Proclaimed perhaps all subtitles

Angelina removes the left breast! Proclaimed perhaps all the headlines in February this year.

Pages of newspapers and magazines filled with pictures of beautiful actresses standing alongside her husband Brad Pitt, who called his wife a hero.

Hardly anyone can argue against something brave decision of beautiful actresses, but by far not everyone agrees with the example that it gave women the world over.

One of the women who share the same history with Angelina, and yet disagree with its decision, the American Karolyn A. Gazelle

Preventive mastectomy, a surgical procedure which removes the entire mammary gland exceptions with breast areola and nipple, it is not by far the only solution to counter such a family history of actively fighting. With its story confided to the Internet portal site

Karolyn Angelina does not challenge the decision.

In her case, it was certainly correct, but it bothers her that women could at least give the impression that painful and expensive surgery is the only option: Have operate or continue to worry about.If you want to get a healthy lifestyle, you may like to see the following mentioned website

Obesity is worse

Family history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the family Karolyn so strong that their hereditary disposition and the occurrence of dealing with two big American universities and scientists belong to one of the most famous of families with BRCA gene mutations in the world.


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