Excess Of Disinfection

How to promote immunity?

Walk in the fresh air, adequate clothing, and proper hygiene and by all infectious diseases.

The paradox is that an excess of disinfection prevents the development of the immune system and thus leads to higher morbidity.

The child must confront the “good” bacteria that are all around us, so that trained the immune system.

With the first bacteria meets already at birth in the birth canal of the mother gets the contact with the skin, contains robotic bacteria and breast milk.

The basis for building immunity is of course food.

When choosing a replacement milk (when the parent will), it is appropriate to give priority to those formulas that are most similar to breast milk, so-called symbiotic containing pro biotic bacteria and pre biotic fiber, which has pro biotic feed.

Is there any prevention?

Therefore thus says the flu can be vaccinated and small children, but against diseases from vaccine cold does not exist.

In the season of viral diseases is advisable to refrain from traveling by public transport, reduce visits from people who could the baby bacilli”, do not go with the child to a place where gathers more people.You can read information about Health http://www.reviewlity.com/

If you need to see a doctor, choose a time that is reserved for healthy children (counseling, etc.), please call a doctor or agree with him.

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