Comprehensive Genetic Analysis Of Families

dna low_tcm18-50702

Dangerous Mutations

The incidence of damaged BRCA gene is identified, for example by increasing the incidence of a certain type of cancer in the family.

Revealing really dangerous defective BRCA gene is very complex.

Mutations that violate the BRCA gene are not known and most of the hundreds of small changes in the gene’s function are to take effect. Tests have verified these mutations one after the other.

Testing is preceded by a comprehensive genetic analysis of families and unambiguous determination of the hazards identified mutations.

Then, the same mutation in the patient is looking to be bled from which it is isolated genetic material, DNA.

Investigates the structure of the gene and looking bug, mutations that family history leads to a recurrence of cancer

Every family is different mutations can occur and may be different and individual risks.

Even after the detection of mutations is not the risk of tumor accurately determined and ranges from 50-95%, the actual probability of capture mutations ranging from 10 to 75%.

Although the pathogenic mutation in the family is found, it can be with other family members at genetic risk of confirmed or ruled out.

But if tested in patients with breast cancer or ovarian not find no error in the BRCA genes, hereditary predisposition is not yet ruled out, the cause may be in a damaged gene.Read More go to the Homepage


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