Breast Cancer Research and Treatment


This does not mean that we know how to repair it broken BRCA gene, but we can change the behavior of others, which may to some extent compensate for the damaged genes.

The way to do this is not surprising. What affects the behavior of a set of our genes, our lifestyle? It helps a healthy diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

The specific example noted in the study from 2009, published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, which confirmed that women with defective BRCA gene mutations who ate more fruits and vegetables significantly reduced the risk of developing cancer compared with women who had the same mutation impaired and ate fruit and vegetables less.

Similarly, a 2006 study confirmed that carriers of mutations that maintained a healthy weight, they get older is less risk of developing cancer than women who were overweight

It’s my choice

“You can hardly find someone with a higher risk of developing breast cancer than I am,” says Karolyn article adds:

“Nevertheless, I decided to take my breasts, at least for the time being to leave because they are healthy.Read more about women health and women fitness

I go for regular screening and practicing preventive approach that includes a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and use of dietary supplements.
Not everyone agrees with my decision, but it is very individual and very personal choice. “Practitioners confirm that in the past there were cases that took place unnecessary mastectomy or frightened woman demanded, even when they carry a harmless mutation.


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