BRCA Gene That Controls Cell Division And Repair DNA

What is BRCA?

BRCA gene that controls cell division and repair DNA is the genetic equipment of all of us.

We have it all, but in different forms. Some of them are written in slightly different “letters”, but it works well.

They are created by him substances which then operate in the cell as needed. In exceptional cases, it may lead to changes that cause gene BRCA not fulfill its function and does not work.

Women with a defective gene BRCA 1 have, like Angelina Jolie, almost 90% probability that they under the age of 70 years appears breast cancer, and over 60% of that of the same age will suffer from ovarian cancer.

Similar simple failure that had such a significant impact on the development of cancer is very low.

Therefore, given the gene name “breast cancer susceptibility gene” or BRCA

Why faulty BRCA genes lead to cancer and ovarian cancer is not known.

And it is also assumed that the gene BRCA is far only by scientists, there are a number of genes that may increase the risk of cancer, but are not yet known.

Damaged BRCA gene but is the most common hereditary predisposition to cancer.

The cancer then develops overwhelmingly to 35 year of age and children have half a chance that the mutation will inherit.Want Some health and fitness Info go to the link


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