Sixth Month Infants


From the sixth month infants are adding fruit (fruit puree, fruit juice or product). We use again instead of fresh fruit and can be used as a substitute for industrially produced canned baby.What is Venus Factor Review ==>

Full formulas (8 to 12 months) – In this period the infant already has representation from all kinds of basic foods. Gradually increase the density of the diet of mushy until lumpy (all depending on the development of teeth). The infant gradually learn to bite, chew and swallow solid food. The child also gradually leads to greater self-reliance in food. Babies do not force food violently. Appetite fluctuates during the day, the season and the state of health of the child. Some children have a lack of saliva, she slowly and chew for a long time. Food should always tastes adjust to the child should look forward to. With proper diet the child should not be fat. The cause of the child’s weight gain is most improper composition of the diet (too much sugar, semolina, butter, white bread, sugary fat dairy products.).

Weight of the child within one year

Weight infants are one of the important indicators of whether a child is beneficial or not. Every newborn reduce their weight in the first 3-4 days of 150-350 g and the following days of life begins again increase. Strong Kids usually will be a decrease more and more slowly returns to its original weight.More Info


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