Neuromotor Immaturity Of Children

With regard to neuromotor immaturity of children to 6 months diet is laid on top of the mouth of a child rather than expectoration is able to swallow solid food only if the food is laid on the back of the tongue.
Foods – At the beginning of the fifth months in artificially fed and beginning of the 6th months in breastfed infants is recommended to add except milk also some other foods. In the beginning of the novel food should be administered at weekly intervals to find out whether a child is not sensitive to this food and avoiding allergic reactions to him gives the child a new food after feeding milk in quantities from 1 to 2 teaspoons, one of scarce materials as iron.


Iron deficiency is manifested frequent infections and loss of appetite. It is therefore highly desirable that non-breastfed children received since 5 month foods that contain iron. It is a nap vegetables, egg yolk, beans and meat. Also in artificially fed children add vegetable soups and meat-vegetable side dish. Prefer to use fresh vegetables (at least two kinds of vegetables and more) and we can add 20-30 grams of lean meat. Add to food quality vegetable oil.You can get much more info About Venus Factor Review ==>
Canned – The market can also buy canned infant. Before using canned is necessary to keep the warranty period and open a can consume during the day. Although these cans made from quality ingredients, is certainly preferable to the health of children preparing meals from fresh vegetables.Read More


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