Art Of Argument

Art of argument – The problem usually not quarrel itself, but how family conflict develops. Art solve conflicts is a combination of simple methods proven over time. Such as the “spokesman vs. listener “one spouse speaks and the other listens patiently, jumping into conversation, though he makes great trouble to keep ends when the speaker, the listener does not try to persuade him, but quietly and in peace interprets everything you hear in your own words can seem that it is a waste of time, but the “spokesman” has here the opportunity to correct the “listener” if he seems to understand something wrong.


Then a married couple exchanges their roles. Both will get the chance to say what he thinks, and hears wishes of the other. This “method” is not in evidence, that this or that is right. The objective is to correctly understand the partner. Beware of arguments! Especially, do not use the arguments of someone else, like moms!


Likewise, argue not children or objects that have the second-order. Sometimes it just because of the situation that you want to spit on each other as much dirt. Do not do it. When there is a dispute, three bites her tongue, breath, and only then say something. He stopped before the other and hurt him deeply hurt. Likewise, do not dispute irony, ridicule or abuse.Information Resource By


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