Yoga is Beneficial For The Whole Body


Goes along with the children

If you choose to start a slower pace, instead of running select a speed walking. The space can be found virtually anywhere on a flat surface. Your spine will be grateful for it.

TIME: 45 minutes WHAT TO BRING: comfortable and quality shoes, that are the foundation.

Try to keep the correct position – arms bent at right angles, by which oscillate in a regular rhythm of his feet. Breathe regularly.


In the style of yogis

Work out in the ancient exercise method that perfectly calms the soul and the body start. Yoga is beneficial for the whole body, and although it may not at first glance look like beautifully strengthens muscles throughout the body Jana on the picture showing the balance position of the tree

TIME: Yoga includes many exercise positions requires concentration on the exercise being performed, so exercise Take your time. WHAT TO BRING: Before yoga is a good drink and Important is also comfortable and airy clothes.

Tennis goes play in the sand.

Active tennis player

When playing tennis on the beach will not get bored, and if you make this game even really tried it, surely fade it. Motivate you and your little athlete. Billets can be a bigger wall or choose another alternative – a popular badminton.

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