The Children Seemingly Behaving Irrationally


The path to her seeking in spite of himself I watch a similar thought process. Although seemingly behaving irrationally, I know well what he wants.

* How about you with the decision?

The decision’s doing, I think, quite well but the fact that I acknowledge doubts as full-fledged part of everyone decisions. Decision making is simply the process.

As for my work and kids, I’m decision fairly quickly. It’s been a long time since I need to figure out that if you take the job just for the money, it’s wrong.

Not a theoretical but for me personally wrong.

Then it is not working. But in terms of emotions, so it is quite more complex process. I can also see the situation from the best and worst aspects.

All I am able to gradually drawn into the game and then the game itself call into question … That to me is actually quite typical.

* And where is your mind?

Nowhere to be! Honestly it but I do not believe. I read to be that when people left the path of intuition and gone the way of reason, it is wrong.

People are rational, civilized, but unhappy and desperate and do not know where to catch the thread.

Cut off from intuition and instincts. Simply put, I do not want to be reasonable. I cannot, because I went against him and against his nature. And when I break it, it stops working. So do not break. Even the greatest rationalists of our time, bankers and their ilk confer that when I decide between the last two, begrudgingly reason.

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