After Devouring A Meal In A Hurry

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When you sit down to the table, aside money for food enough time and enough bite the drops every bite

After devouring a meal in a hurry because the stomach can create air bubbles that highlight the bloated look

Exercises at the rate: 9, 10, 11

The character type of apple

If you have extra pounds, your rounded abdominal area is probably part of the character of the “apple”. With that, I can do anything!

* From the menu, if possible, DELETE and white flour, white bread, sweets and alcohol. Give vale instant or canned foods. They contain toxins that make your fat cells swell to a larger size.Read More

* According to several different studies may gain fat on the abdomen associated with the consumption of red meat. Therefore bet instead on lean protein in the form of fish, turkey and chicken without cuticle.

* We will review the content of my fridge and pantry and engage there more whole meal bread, fruit, vegetables and moderate extent, nuts and seeds.

Exercises for Peace: 12, 13

13 exercises for sexy abdominal area to flat tummy work through at record speed. She is the author of a special strengthening “belly pan” that can take to the right muscles.

1) Bloated belly (A)

You lie on your back with the United soles of the feet, knees dial out to the sides, lumbar back is arched, her belly bloated. With an exhalation, pull the abdomen and lumbar part of the back to attach the pad. Hold for 20 seconds and return to starting position.


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