Increase In Lung Cancer Among Women At A Rate Of 2% Each Year


The increasing consumption of snuff between women and adolescents and this is reflected in the figures for lung cancer patients. For women, the prevalence has increased by 2% annually. One in four Spanish are smokers with an alarming increase in women and youth.

The doctors have sounded the alarm as it is increasing snuff consumption in women and adolescents, and smoking is the main risk factor for lung cancer.

At breakfast ‘incremental innovation in lung cancer, organized by Lilly, Dr. Pilar Garrido, president of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, has shown that lung cancer is a health problem of great magnitude, and one Spanish in four were smokers with an upsetting increase in women and youth. ‘In women, as explained by Dr. Garrido, has increased by 2% prevalence of lung cancer.’

Meanwhile, Diego Villalon, the director Psicolosical Area Spanish Group of Patients with Cancer, has defended the access to innovative treatments without cuts, but has asked that the research also takes into account the patients.

Lung cancer is overall the most common cancer in the world with a mortality rate of 1.38 million a year which is the leading cause of cancer death. Oncology research has achieved improvements in survival in recent decades due to better identification of the types and subtypes of tumors.

Joan Martinez, president of the ‘Spanish Association of People Affected by Lung Cancer’, has called for more research and commitment from institutions and denounced investment maybe is not that accruing, given the high incidence, because there is social stigma: ‘There are still people who think that the patient is directly responsible for their disease’.

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