Half Of Women Over 65 Have Torn Shoulder Tendons


The recent studies in shoulder pathologies estimated that about half of women over 65 have torn shoulder tendons due to the symptoms such as pain or lack of mobility.

This injury is the result of the process of degeneration suffering certain tissues with age, explained Dr. Jose Antonio Guerrero on the First Day of Arthroscopic Surgery.

As for working age people or athletes, shoulder injuries are the most common traumatic ruptures of the rotator cuff tendon and shoulder dislocations.

The event, which was held at the Hospital San Juan de Dios, of Santurce (Vizcaya), brought together fifty surgeons who have shared knowledge about the most common shoulder injuries and their causes, under the theme “The solution to unsolvable problems.’

Occupations that have greater risk of shoulder injuries are all those in which it is necessary to raise the arms above the collarbone, as wholesalers, hairdressers, while sports activities that produce more injuries of this type are tennis, basketball and handball.

Dr. Manuel Martin Montes recalled that before a shoulder injury in 70% of cases, the first option is traditional treatment and rehabilitation, and that surgery is not always the best solution.

In cases requiring surgery, the most common technique is arthroscopy, which is used to treat the three joints that form the shoulder: The glenohumeral, the subacromial and acromioclavicular.

In patients suffering from severe osteoarthritis, especially the elderly, may opt for a shoulder prosthesis to improve the health status of the person.

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