Board Created Free Mobile Application To Request Appointments For Primary Health Care

The service, headquartered in Jaen, has managed more than 167 million people of the local community since its inception in 2003. The Andalusian has launched an innovative mobile application that lets you get free appointment with the family doctor or pediatrician. ‘Medical Appointment Andalucia’ is the new access channel that provides users Andalusian health in order to adapt health services to the needs of the population. The service has improved the accessibility of the public health system and shortened response time and management and avoided the unnecessary travel to the health center which are the main advantages of this application.

This was announced on Monday by the Minister of Equality, Health and Social Policies, María José Sánchez Rubio, before participating in the ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of Health Responds held at its headquarters on the grounds of the Hospital Neurotraumatológico of Jaén. Since coming into operation in 2003, this service pioneered national and European level that has managed 167,419,029 requests for citizenship in the nearly 30 services offered without interruption every day of the year.

‘Medical Appointment Andalucía’ can be found at various online stores to download for mobile devices. Thus, the application is available for free in App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World. You can also find it in Windows soon.

Once the citizen has downloaded the application on his/her mobile phone or tablet, he/she will be asked a series of personal data to enter only the first time. The information required is the health card number, year of birth and, for over 14 years, ID or passport. Thus, the system collects a user profile, being registered in the application.

Of the requests that records Health Responds annually, most applicable to medical appointments. Specifically, in the ten years of operation of the service, appointments were managed by telephone 106 806 450 through 902 505 060. The Andalusian citizens have also to deal with other channel appointments as the website of the Ministry of Gender, Health and Social Policies or the Andalusian Health Service as well as by sending an SMS to 600 123 400 with the word CITASAS, followed by the number of patient’s health card.

Also, Health Responds has two other channels to receive requests from citizens, through the fax number 953 018 715 and which facilitates communication with people who have hearing problems, according to highlighted Sanchez Rubio.

Health Responds started in 2003, providing services in primary care appointment, general information about the Andalusian public health system, oral health program, access to a second medical opinion and information on the health card. Since that time, new services have been added progressively to near thirty.

In the last year, there was the incorporation of the service called ‘Window on the family’ to support parents in bringing up their children throughout various stages of child development. Also, it have integrated different help-lines for children and helps children in need of protection and care as well as telemonitoring research project on people in cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes type 1, which allows to track various biomedical parameters of these people and sanitation alert if an imbalance in them that could endanger anyone’s health.

Sanchez Rubio has further stressed the ‘great improvement’ of Health Responds involved in the accessibility of citizens to public health system, which is underlined by the significant increase in satisfaction of users with the efforts undertaken since this center. In this way, he explained that this year, after the survey conducted by this service, the assessment is 9.4 out of ten.

This center has achieved the goal of unifying all information, services and health advice in public’s interest with the great advantages that this entails, and that can offer an immediate response at any time, bringing the citizen health system with only dialing the number 902 505 060.

In less than three seconds, you will be attended by an operator or health care professional doctor or nurse, depending on the request. All this is possible without interruption on any day of the year without having to travel, with the news from Monday to access the main service, medical appointments through the new free mobile application ‘Medical Appointment Andalusia’, as well as by telephone, web and SMS.

Responds Health comprises more than 350 workers, among which are specialized telephone operators, taking calls at the first level and a team of professionals responsible for maintaining information systems, administrative, and professional management team nursing and medicine that support the various services provided.

This public service has a main center located in Jaen and a support center for possible system failures located in the Advanced Multifunctional Simulation and Technological Innovation (CMAT) in the Technological Park of Health Sciences of Granada, in whose rooms are also situated with coordination centers emergency ward of both provinces. This is compounded six external platforms that enable the management of some 40,000 daily appointments are given on average by telephone.

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