They Warn That Antibiotics are Losing Effectiveness in Hospital UCIS


Critical care physicians are finding that antibiotics are losing effectiveness in UCIS. Some bacteria have mutated to ‘immunize’ against the drugs. The cause could be due to excessive of antibiotics.

The Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC) says that what is happening is that some bacteria are developing genetic mutations that ‘immunized’ more or less measured against drugs, which is complicating the healing of infections.

According to Dr. Mercedes Nieto SEMICYUC member, is a health problem worldwide, with serious consequences for patients, because ‘we were almost out of treatment options or the need for multiple antibiotics simultaneously, so that the problem continues to rise’.

The experts believe that the overuse of antibiotics has been one of the main causes of the bacteria have developed resistance and considered ‘disturbing’ that the increase of resistance is not accompanied by the development of new antibiotics to combat them. The epidemic of Superbugs Sale and misuse of antibiotics leads to increase in bacterial resistance reducing the number of effective antibiotics. According to the World Health Organization, this is ‘even more alarming when you consider that in the last 25 years no new antibiotics have been discovered.’

According to WHO, the self-medication of antibiotics can lead to an epidemic of “superbugs”: “Taking antibiotics unnecessarily weakens your ability to fight other infections when they are needed. This allows bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics.’ Moreover, the difficulty of treating infections in the treatments involves additional costs by the greater consumption of resources to combat them, they warn. Over 25% of infections resulting from health care occur in UCIS. Therefore, SEMICYUC scientist has a Working Group of Infectious Diseases and Sepsis, with decades of scientific experience in this field, which in the coming weeks will launch the project ‘Zero Resistance’, with the aim to reduce the incidence of ineffectiveness of antibiotic against infections.

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