Ross Edgley Lost 11 Kilos in 24 Hours


Ross Edgley is a writer, scientist and athlete who loves challenges and marked all kinds of experiments, and now he decided to lose more than 10 kilos in 24 hours. He aims to prove that the body weight has little to do with fat and how our nutrition and self-esteem should not be measured by the scales if you are on a diet.

That reason is, most people are slave of the weight scales and let them control their self-esteem and nutrition, constantly revising their kilos every 24 hours. Ross said: ‘I hope this experiment creates a healthy relationship between people and their scales and make people realize that weight may vary depending on many factors, not just fat.’

Their experiment did based on no carb diet, no salt, with many saunas, tracksuits that made him sweat, Epsom salt baths and drinking just 100ml of water throughout the day. All looking to remove water from the body, dehydrating the most.

The base is simple: ‘As between 50 and 70% of our weight is water, weigh 95 kilos to 47.5 kilos means my body is water. Stopping water can be fatal as it is vital to run our bodies and even to maintain a healthy amount of blood, but cut much that water body to sweat suits, diuretics without drinking anything in a day can reduce weight dramatically,’ he says.

Ross Edgley used natural diuretics (such as vitamin C, dandelion root and caffeine) to encourage his body to strip off water. That meant that he only drank 100 ml of water in a day and went to the bathroom about 20 times. Stresses that the use of diuretics should be done with extreme caution and not recommended because it can lead to health problems if they are abused.

The strange thing was that all back in two hours, all in strict conditions and under consultation and medical advice. Yes, I’m seeing more than one to try at home, many of these people who love those diets “pineapple” or similar down 2-3 kilos in 2-3 days and evidently recovered again in 2 -3 kilos.

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