Health Fair Cajeme For World Diabetes Day


To raise the public awareness of the dangers of diabetes in humans, the Municipal Health Directorate, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health of the State held the Health Fair Cajeme.

As part of the World Diabetes Day, the Municipal Health Director, Fernando Gutierrez Fraijo Jesus said that in recent years, this disorder has become a social problem that can be solved by fooling primary preventive measures.

‘To give an idea of the scale, in the world there are about 347 million people with diabetes; in 2007, 3.4 million patients died of this disease and 80 percent belong to an industry low’ reported.

He said that the Health Fair aims to inform the public and implement some healthy practices in order to prevent the sufferings from this evil disease.

For his part, the head of the Sanitary District No. 4, Jesus Lizarraga Meza said that this event is a part of the global campaign called ‘Diabetes: Protecting Our Future’, but in Sonora are no strangers to this disease for the reason that in Sonora, there have been approximately 300 thousand diabetics.

‘The purpose of this program is to prevent, for every diabetic diagnosed there is another who does not know that their blood glucose levels, so we will provide people taking free blood pressure checkup, obesity consultation and the guidance about nutriology’, he said.

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