Three Attacks In Just Two Months At The Health Center Pino Montano B


Two professionals and a patient in the hospital injured by the heavy blows they received from three assailants.

Three men attacked on Sunday in the health center Pino Montano B in the third violent episode recorded at this point care in just six months. Three of the victims, a doctor, a nurse and a patient, were taken to the Traumatology Hospital Virgen del Rocio hospital care to give the treatment for the injuries they suffered. The assaulted doctor suffered a violent blow to the eye, the nurse with a sprained wrist, and the patient received another blow on the head. Three other people who were at the health center were also attacked.

The incident occurred around 7pm in the evening when three individuals agreed to accompany Emergency fourth person suffering symptoms of acute alcohol poisoning.

By studying their health, guard team chose Emergencies to give notice to an ambulance for transport to the hospital. During the wait, this patient was treated with serum, but his three companions became impatient and began attacking professionals of the Andalusian Health Service and people who had come to the ER. They also destroyed a part of the furniture. When the National Police arrived at the scene, the three assailants had left the health center. Now, through the recordings of surveillance cameras placed in the building, the police hope to identify and locate the assailants.

The Seville Medical Association reported yesterday that ‘the center’s professionals have asked numerous times to the district to put in place security measures’ and specifically noted that ‘the director of professional development economics promised to establish passive safety measures, with surveillance cameras along with the presence of security guards.’ The center of the doctors’ main complaint that ‘the months past aggression occurs again, meanwhile only have installed several security cameras.’

The health district’s responsible personnel expressed outrage at this attack and showed their support to the professionals. The district administration activated the prevention and care plan including legal and psychological assistance to the victims. As explained yesterday, the Office of Health, the health center ‘Pino Montano B has all the security measures in the prevention plan and a security guard at the point of emergency on-call schedule.’

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