‘The Association For Lung Cancer Research In Women’ Confirms women Are More Prone To Lung Cancer


It is some bad news for health, particularly for women that The Association for Lung Cancer Research in Women (ICAPEM) has released a report warning that the rate of this cancer in women is increasingly high, on the contrary, in case of men, it is reduced. Its objectives are to disclose the growing health problem and investigate the differences between the sexes, focusing on predisposition, treatment outcomes and prognosis.

In recent years, there has been perception as the increase in the number of women affected by the cancer, reaching today regarded as a true epidemic. The main reason for the increase is that the female sex is increasingly snuff consumer and, in addition, is more exposed to smoke, both their own cigarettes as outsiders.

Based on figures to represent this situation, as recently published data has confirmed, 5,200 of the total 24,500 cases that were recorded in Spain during this year will be in women. This means that it has increased by 49% lung cancer in women, compared with figures for only a few years. Regarding the increase of this cancer in women, it is positioned in the third place, after breast cancer and colon cancer.

Furthermore, lung cancer in women is not manifested in the same way that men have different biological characteristics, and that women have certain genetic and biological characteristics that influence the further development of lung cancer. Thus, the genome of women, in principle, is more sensitive and vulnerable to the effects of snuff and also does not have the same capacity as men have when it comes to repair the DNA damage that can lead to the development of lung cancer. Moreover, it appears that estrogen hormones particular in women, affecting directly or indirectly tumor growth.

In this situation, more and more awareness of the increased incidence of this disease in women and gender differences, research has not taken a long time to start up and accelerated to bring effective solutions to the problem, and in the least possible time. Also ICAPEM, an association of medical oncologists, was established in 2010 to carry out these studies. Today, it already has 45 experts from 23 hospitals throughout the Spanish territory.

This organism has four basic objectives which are to publicize the great impact that lung cancer in women, contribute to prevent tobacco control support, seek to increase research resources, and support young physicians interested in studying possible solutions and treatments. To this end, held every two years ICAPEM Symposium on Lung Cancer in Women, which aims to bring together molecular and clinical advances related to the cancer in that genre. It also supports women diagnosed and undertakes to help them regain confidence in themselves and in their femininity.

Finally, the association has organized a survey of the population to know how far we know the vice of snuff and its impact on women. The results from this study have ensured that the average age of initiation into snuff consumption has decreased considerably in recent years: smokers who today have started more than 60 years after age 30, whereas now testing the first cigarette between 14 and 18 years.

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