Top 4 Supplements to Grow Muscles – Part 2


In the another post on this blog, we shared some information about 2 of the top 4 muscle building supplements and here we go with the other 2 supplements for growing muscles in quick time.

3) Branch Chain Amino Acid

amino acid

Branch Chain Amino Acid is another great supplement which is very popular among body builders and weight lifters. There are three types of very important amino acid which are known as leucine, valine & isoleucine. These are major protein elements and play their vital role in making up to 30% of skeletal muscles. This particular type of supplement pushes various nutrients towards your muscle tissue which helps your muscles in recovery right after the workout. This supplement will also help you in improving your metabolic rate. It is very popular among distance swimmers and long distance runners because of its effectiveness in keeping your muscles active and fully fueled which does not let you get tired too early.

4) Beta Alanine


Beta Alanine is another great supplement which is in fact an amino acid and your body gets it form protein rich foods. It increases intra-muscular carnosine levels and reduces fatigue which is resulted into an enhanced performance. While you are performing high intensity workout, you have to take huge amount of hydrogen which sometimes forces your body completely shut down.

The above mentioned are 2 of the really useful supplements and if you make use of them, you can gain lots of health benefits while you can further related information at


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