The Real Culprits Of Obesity


With all the information coming at us every day on diets, magic formulas, meal times, mixtures and others, more than one should think to be in the correct weight is something almost magical potion, but the real formula is ‘eat right and do exercise’.

In this deep sea of information, many people ask if it is better to remove fat or carbohydrates. In fact these are the concepts that have been around for years in the fitness industry. In the 90s, the thing was to remove fats and being ‘fat free’ became the law and people supposedly started eating less to lose weight.

When it was 2000, all concepts were jettisoned that fat was good and the new culprit verdict was against the carbohydrates and they were considered to be evil for the belly to be filled with the loads of unwanted fat. But it was carried to such extremes that it also sought to demonize the good carbs like fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains which are essential for the acquisition of energy and a lot of functions in our body.

One of the newest guilty of being fat is sugar, but it could only blame the processed sugar, but everything that had sugar, and in that bag was put dairy products and fruit as well, so all the sugar must be discarded. The same ferocity began with gluten, although it is guilty of many inflammatory diseases, while the oats came under this radar due to its component of gluten in it.

Now, with so many statements like ‘this is bad for health’, ‘do not eat this fruit’, ‘avoid sugar’, avoid oatmeal’, etc. there is no wonder if people ask what they can actually eat.

The answer is very basic. If you have no medical condition, for example, you are a celiac and really should stop foods with gluten or you are diabetic and you have to control the consumption of sugar. You should be able to include all meals in your diet, so it is best to replace all the processed foods by natural ones. This means mostly away from white flour, processed sugars, milk fat excess and empty calories.

Overeating, be it oats, will make you fat. The idea is to eat evenly in the right way, so include all types of food and leave processed stuff or super greasy for weekly breaks.

Before blaming the carbohydrate, fat or gluten, you need to analyze your eating habits first and make changes as per your body requirement. Go to to view more information like this with perfect solutions.


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