Supplements & The Alternatives


Using supplements is quite an issue because it is hard to believe in magic pills and who knows what does not works, what works and what works without causing any side effects.

The supplements are actually super vitamins and probiotics for the reason that most of us try to eat healthy most of the times and sometimes we might miss some vitamins, minerals or nutrients, and thee you need the supplement to include your diet.

There are supplements with a set of plant’s vitamins, probiotics for intestinal flora, flaxseed oil, calcium (great and more for those who do not take much dairy) and digestive enzymes.

Other ways to raise your immune system naturally without having to swallow all this could be achieved with the following things;

• Eating fruits high in vitamin C such as strawberries as strawberries and other berries have high quantity of vitamin C.
• Include the vegetables in your diet like sweet potato as z anahoria and contain beta-carotene which helps to protect the immune system. The beta-carotene and other carotenes also strengthen the production of leukocytes in blood and foods rich in beta-carotene help the body to fight better against infection.
• Eating a spoonful of yogurt with probiotics every morning is very healthy, but you must aim to consume low fat and sugar.
• Drink plenty of water as it helps rid your body of toxins.
• You are supposed to avoid the refined sugar.
• Exercise daily and give due efforts to the rest your body needs. This is important because too much exercise will not bring any good to your body.
• Relax and avoid stress as it is the most difficult task because we are stressed, and the truth is that stress is a silent murderer. Find an activity that relaxes you and do it every day; be it for a little time. Fro example, read your favorite book, watch TV show that you like, talk on phone with your best friend and so on.

So next time you see pills, supplements or whatever on the street, ask yourself if you really need it or if you are throwing your money only. You can get the alternative solutions at


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