6 Foods That Ignite Your Metabolism – Part 2


This is the second part of the post ‘6 Foods That Ignite Your Metabolism’.

4) Eggs


Many are afraid of eating eggs when they are on their journey of weight loss, but really they are tasty and even cheaper. They have 9 essential amino acids out of those that which our bodies cannot make and they are needed to build the muscles and turn out to be a great your fat burning weapon. Remember that the more muscle you have, the more calories you need to maintain them.

5) Yellow paprika


Yellow paprika turns out that this kind of pepper is loaded with vitamin C, and this is needed to produce a molecule called carnitine which helps the muscle use fat as energy. Remember that it helps, so do not go thinking it as a magical source.

6) Water

Drop Falling into Water

Water could only be bad for health if you speak of the water from sewage. There are people who take cold water to equalize the body temperature and get it to work which helps you feel more full if you take it during the day, and in addition, (or for me one of the most important functions) it helps the kidneys do their work well leaving the way open to the liver. It is efficient at fat burning and it really is almost magical.

Just do not think that this works if you do fasting diet by eating just a bit of yellow pepper, or by eating a paste filled Alfredo with sesame cream topping. These are foods that should be included in your healthy eating program that will make burning fat easier and tastier.



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