6 Foods That Ignite Your Metabolism – Part 1

muscle running

People seem to be very interested in is talking about the foods that speed up the metabolism as it is considered be a big source of losing weight. It is a simple fact that the oven only works when you put gasoline in instead of keep talking about the metabolism.

The only way to burn fat is to eat making you put your metabolism to work, although a few people refuse to admit it, still the fact is that the food is the best way to put your internal furnace ignited all the at its best all the times. Sure, it is about choosing the right foods which can do this job, so you have to forget about sugar and refined flour in order to do so. Here is a list of fat burning foods.

1) Black Chocolate


Are you going to ask for more black chocolate? This list starts with chocolate! This is because a piece of chocolate can reduce the effect of the stress hormone, called cortisol, which causes more fat accumulation in the abdominal area. Yes, look to be more than 72 percent cocoa and eat it in the right portion. That is a tasty bit right in the beginning.

2) Peanuts


Peanuts not only help you keep your hunger away, but they are dense with calories and your body needs more calories to digest them.

3) Sesame Seeds


There are studies that say that a component in the sesame seeds, called lignans, which causes the liver to produce more enzymes to burn fat and increases your body’s metabolic rate.

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