5 Things to Include in Your Routine to Lead Healthy Life

Here I give you my some of the techniques to stay healthy and feel good in energy.

1) Start the day with a super breakfast


You need not to mess caring about loads of fat or simple carbohydrates or sugar that will give you a super sugar rush. You just eat enough in the right proportions i.e. a good bowl of oatmeal with eggs, an omelet, etc. something to fill you with in a good way.

2) Plan your 5 meals


If you have to really make it, you need to plan your meal in 5 times and make it sure that in every 2 or 3 hours, you have to eat and at least kill the anxiety of the food and the mental hunger. Remember that it is not about eating huge meals every time; you have to include the snacks as well.

3) Drink water like you have reached to an oasis under the scorching sunrays.


This is going to be doubly distracted as you are hydrated and go to the bathroom all the times.

4) Take Tea

take tea

Having something warm in your stomach makes you less inclined to feel hungry, and if you are in a place where it is cold, it is better because it keeps you warm as well.

5) Have a small activity in house


It sounds good and if you have something to do, which can range from ordering a drawer, knitting, mopping, sewing or anything else, this can distract you a little and keep you busy as well while burning your calories.

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