3 Most Common Muscle Building Mistakes – Part 2

Muscle Building 7

It is the second and part of one of the previously published post on this blog.

Mistake # 2 – Lack of Consistency


You might have seen the people with huge and impressive body physique and you must wonder how they got such huge muscles mass. Well, this is not something which just happens but it takes time and so many factors get involved into it. All of those factors have their own roles to pay and there must be consistency in all of them. If you are going to gym for training, don’t skip the days once or twice a week but do it in consistency so you can get the maximum results.

Mistake # 3 – Don’t Change Your Plan


Sometimes, people think to do something different as an experiment which is never suggested by the expert trainers especially for those who are in the beginning of their muscles building training. If you have a properly designed plan, you must follow it, you should know that your body needs lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs and you must supply these sources to your body.

If you take 5 smaller meals a day and eating proper muscles building foods, don’t just change your plan and start eating whatever you want. This will be quite harmful for your muscles building program and therefore, it is really important to stick with your dieting plan.


These three are basic muscles building mistakes which many people make and lose what they have got. If you are one of them who have been making all or any of these mistakes, you must correct them or else you are going to get nothing but disappointment in your future. Stick with your current plan and develop consistency in everything you do with passion and dedication. If you follow these simple rules, the day is not far when you will become an example for others.


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