3 Most Common Muscle Building Mistakes – Part 1


You work hard at the gym, have right amount of meals and protein shakes and sleep 6 to 8 hours every night, follow your muscles building plan properly, yet you do not see the as much improvement in your body physique as you expected or you should have achieved by now. What might be the reason?

You may think you are doing everything according to the plan and not making any mistakes, in fact, you might be making a few potential and unnoticed muscle building mistakes which are flushing out all your efforts and hard work resulting in growing frustration.

Mistake # 1 – Low Intensity Workout

low intensity

There is a huge difference between joining a gym and working at the gym. If you are simply going to the gym and doing light weight exercises just to fulfill formality, there will surely be no results and you really have to do actual training at the gym to stimulate your muscles growth. There must be high intensity involved in your workouts to generate the actual and desirable results as intensity is the most important factor in your training.

When you are doing weight training, extend your session up to one hour as this will let you keep a dash mindset which will result into full focus to increase the level of intensity in your workout. The more intensity you get, the more muscles you gain, this is the simple rule of muscles building.

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