The Dark Side of Jogging – 3 Disadvantages


Jogging is one of the easiest and the most effective exercises to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but like every other exercise, jogging also has a few disadvantages and here we let you know them.

The Disadvantages

Here are a few disadvantages of jogging or rather you can say a few hardships and hazards.

1) Difficulty in the Starting Stage

The beginning phase is a title difficult. At first, it is not easy to find a good rhythm without suffocating or without intestinal gas. One may get tired in a very quick time period and face difficulty in breathing. In addition, after the first jog, the legs are so worn-out that one cannot even walk up and down the stairs.

2) Damage to the Joints

As soon as every of the stride is placed on to the ground, its impact is clear in the tendons, muscles, joints and the back. Therefore, you have to be very causations of microtraumas, especially if you are overweight.

3) Body’s Dependence on Jogging

You body may become addicted to it. If you jog at a certain level with a certain frequency, the body gets used to the weight loss and overall wellbeing hormone secretion; therefore, you can set your body on a dependency in an insidious manner.

In fact, jogging has very nominal disadvantages and even they can be prevented in a very easy way by learning the basic rules of jogging, in fact, hogging is considered to be an exercise which needs no instructions, but it is not the case as you need the basic guidelines. In case you need more info, you can get it at


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