Rules For Good Jogging Practice


Here we let you know with the rules of jogging along a few disadvantages.

1) Get Good Jogging Shoes

When you job, it is most important part among the jogging accessories and they should be chosen taking into account the 4-point criterion as;

1. the shape of the foot (pronator, supinator or neutral)
2. damping (front and back)
3. safety (non-slip soles, strength of materials)
4. comfort

Try to get specialist advice and try on several pairs before you decide.

2) Practice Progressively

At first, you had better start calmly without setting the limit too high. You can start walking fast, for example, or run for just 15 minutes. There is no need to increase the time and intensity in the beginning. You can do it little by little.

3) Perform Warm Up Exercises

The muscles are stiff and they are prone the cold injuries and potential injuries. Before you start, go fast for a few minutes and make some exercises focusing heels, buttocks, knees with jumps and rotations.

4) Don’t Neglect the Return & Recovery Plan

You need to have a proper plan for the returning route and point and recovering process as you sweat and lose energy, so you decide a return location (few minutes walk), precise but gentle stretching and progressive increase in speed and a liquid drink, ideally water or juice, for the hydration in body.

You can see that jogging is easy to perform, but it does not mean that you just hit the road without any plan. It is certainly a proper exercise and you need to follow the standard procedure in order to get the best results. You can get much more info about losing weight and healthy life at


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