Plan of Damage Control after Eating Junky Foods


In the United States is held the Superbowl which, for many, meant a Superbowl of junk food, saturated fat, high sodium and sugar which is enough to kill a diabetic patient. But you are not lost completely if you can practice these tips afterwards.

No Use Crying Over Split Milk

To repent on what happened can serve as if you are going to take it as learning of ‘not do it again’. But stay stuck in what you eat, how you feel, in your diet will make you be back on track. If it already happened yesterday and you have the next meal or day to resume your regimen, how could you expect to go in the right direction?

Get Out of the Temptations

If you really are dying to keep eating that cake or chips you were gobbling up the day before, face the reality that all the times, it is not going to be good, and you will make be likely to fall again in temptation. You have the option to get the spare and stored food out of your home sight as well as home or you will have to start the day from zero every day.

Drink Plenty of Water

You need to drink water like there is no tomorrow. You’ll feel bloated like a balloon after all those processed carbs and excess sodium. So the best thing you can do is drink water, and you should distribute it in the whole day with gaps as you have to stay hydrated all day without many efforts.

No White Sugar or Processed Carbs

In fact, the best thing to do to go repairing your body is to make a day of diet high in protein and low in carbs, and the carbs you eat mostly should come from the vegetables.

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