How to Use the Food Portion Strategy for Effective Weight Loss?

weight loss

The portions are highly important if we talk about the weight loss plan. Of course, the preparations and the types of food are also significant, but let’s focus now on the size of the food we serve ourselves with when we intend to lose weight.

Though oatmeal is a better choice, we still cannot eat 20 kilos a day of it for the reason that it is full of nutrients to help you on your fat burning process, but it also has the calories. Yes, you have less than you think (much less than that of the cereal box), but the idea is to eat the calories you apply for if there is ‘too much of a good thing’.

How to control the portions?

For many, it can be misleading. We eat with our eyes open and we often think that what we are using is little while it is not. Your best partner for portion control in your body is the set of your eyes and hands which measure those contents used when making meals.

Compare what you are going to eat with your hand. That is, a chicken breast, may be the size of the palm of your hands, your carbohydrate, may be half a cup of brown rice (more if you are a man) and the salad, and if you stick to the ‘green’, you might have the liberty to eat one to two cups.

The good thing, for example, is that you compare your hand with your portion of protein. Unless you are the person of the Guinness record with giant hands over the world, surely your palm is a portion that is perfect for your body. And so, a larger person with larger hands can eat a portion that corresponds to his/her size.

Another trick is to divide the plate into two and one of those halves, divide it again. Full half salad can fill the (no potato salad, mayonnaise, pasta, etc.) the two rooms in plate matched with your carbohydrate and protein. With this trick, you will go in the right direction when it comes to serve your food.

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