Jogging – An Easy To Perform Workout


If you want to involve in a sport but always find some excuse to avoid it, you can not refuse to take a walk around. In fact, you can walk or run anywhere, at any time, at your own pace and during the time that you want, alone or accompanied, and the equipment required is minimal i.e. a track suit and jogging shoes. Here are some benefits of jogging.

Jogging Benefits

1) Improved Fitness

improved fitness

Jogging is an endurance sport and by doing continuously cardiovascular and respiratory systems, thus, it oxygenates the body, improves blood circulation and increases the ability of the heart and lungs. In the long run, it also slows the aging process, increases bone density, boosts the immune system and prevents arterial disease.

2) It Promotes Weight Loss

weight loss

It burns more calories than almost any other sport, around 500 Kcal/h at the speed of 10 Km/h. At 10 km/h with relative ease breathing, it consumes about 30% fat in 30 minutes.

3) It Outlines Shape.

body shape

Along with swimming, it is the most complete sport for the reason that it uses all the muscles i.e. neck, back, arms, abs, buttocks, thighs, calves. You must keep your back straight while the pelvis varies with each stride. It is a good workout for the coordination of posture.

4) Happiness


The physical effort required is unquestionable, so it relieves stress and anxieties. On the other hand, it causes the release of adrenaline and endorphins which favor the tone, pleasure, well-being and euphoria.

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