The Medical Treatments For Getting Rid Of Cellulite

Girl showing her legs without cellulite

A) Creams


Creams are considered to bring better results as they combat for the fluid retention and eliminate saturation of tissues, fat burners (caffeine) and smoothing the skin. Its action is threefold as i) limit swelling, ii) reduce the quantity and volume of adipocytes and iii) improve skin appearance.

B) Hydrotherapy


Thalassotherapy is practiced in spas. The aqua lymphatic drainage is a specific exercise performed in water. Its aim is to strengthen the postural muscles whose action on venous return is 4 times higher than that of the superficial muscles. The whirlpools and showers are designed to stimulate the venous and lymphatic return, following muscle paths. The underwater jets allow secure and more powerful effect than a manual lymphatic drainage.

C) Food Supplements


The supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules or infusions. Once you eat them, they start working in the body and burn the cellulite deposits in a natural way.

Some additional sources are listed below for the treatment of cellulite;


The drainage is designed to take out the waste and eliminate the tissue saturation i.e. yerba mate, archicoria, ortosifon, horse chestnut, red vine, cherry tail, meadowsweet.

Fat Burners

The fat burners are designed to support the combustion and evacuation of fat by using Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), virgin tea and green coffee.


It is obvious that against the cellulite, you have to avoid being overweight with repetitive regimes that generate the accumulation of fats. We must also limit pre-cooked food, cheese, sausages, salt, cooked fats, fried foods, refined sugars, white bread, etc. Additionally, also avoid the casein containing foods like yogurt, cheese, etc. It is recommended to go for lean meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, dry and brown rice.


The research confirms that practicing muscle activity helps fight against orange peel by reinforcing the internal and the superficial muscles along with the improvement of blood circulation.

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