Techniques To Combat The Issue Of Cellulite

cellulite 2

Cellulite is a nightmare, especially for women; this fat is placed just under the skin or form lumps and is responsible for a nasty orange peel. Often accumulated on thighs and buttocks, but can also occur on the abdominal area and arms. It affects us all, both plump and thin, which explains the interest of the researchers to find solutions.

Mechanical Treatments

1) Cellu M6

The endermologie or Cellu M6, a palper-rouler is done by a machine. It makes a fold in the skin and applies a particular movement in order to reactivate the cellular changes, accelerate the elimination of waste and fat and puts back into circulation.

2) Pressure Therapy Lymphatic Drainage

The pressure therapy lymphatic drainage is performed by a specific machine which inflates air progressively down the bottom up a pair of boots that cover the legs from feet to thighs. Its aim is to stimulate the circulation of venous and lymphatic return.

Surgical Treatments

I) Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is injected subcutaneously with products that act on cellulite. It is recommended in case of circulatory problems and diffusion of cellulites. Made with anesthesia, liposuction aspirate is excess subcutaneous fat. It produces results in certain types of cellulite and hardly eliminates the orange peel.

The Electrotherapy & Ultrasonolipolisis

The methods currently being used include electric currents, ultrasound or infrared which are applied through electrodes placed on the areas to be treated.

Given that both treatments has three major effects as a) increase certain tissue temperature, b) increase cell permeability of the adipose tissue, and c) defibrillation present in hypodermis division.

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