Aqua Fit Exercises


It is a good idea to do aqua fit exercises in the water instead of on the floor while it is also a fun activity and easier to perform and, above all, it highly effective. In addition, water aerobics is quite in fashion.

What is Aqua Fit Exercise?

Aqua Fit Exercise, also known as water gymnastics, is a transposition of various exercises that are normally practiced on firm ground, but in this case, they are practiced in the water. They are held in a pool or on the seashore.

In order to perform, you can use various accessories like small fins, boards, chips, float type belts, weights and fin type gloves to larger materials such as step for Aqua-step or bike for Aqua-biking. Regarding the dress, it is very easy as it required a bathing suit and a cap.

The Courses

There are a number of different courses in water aerobics focusing different body parts to tone your body overall. In the water, you can practice almost all fitness courses that are held in a gym.

Muscle Toning

The muscle movements tone different parts of the body, with or without accessories, and being more or less submerged in water; they include;

• Water aerobics
• Aqua fitness
• Aqua-body
• Aqua-building

Cardio-Respiratory Work

It is performed with the rhythm of music. These classes aim to move as much as possible to the heart muscle, increase respiration and energy consumption; they exercise include;

• Aqua-rythmo
• Aqua-dance
• Aqua-biking
• Aqua-jogging

This is one of the most convent and fun way to shape your body in a quick time with and enjoyable workout sessions.

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