3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Weight Loss


If you want to start losing weight, you can find a lot of reasons to improve certain aspects of your health that have been bothering you like cholesterol level, physical attitude, etc. these are all valid reasons and motivating factors and they are going to carry you to follow your goals. You need to get clear cut answers of the following questions;

Question # 1 – For whom am I doing this?

It may sound cliché, but the truth is that you have to be very clear that the only person you need to diet, exercise or go through lifestyle change is generally yourself. While your family can help you lose weight for the reason that your mom tells you not to take either the 2nd week of diet. Imagine if it is because you want to please your boyfriend/girlfriend (if he/she tells you to lose weight). In fact, the change in your life must begin with you, no one else.

Question # 2 – I have to do this for the rest of life?

Here is what to find in a plan that really has to do with your lifestyle. If you are going to lose weight and you are a compulsive eater of pizza and burgers, forget that you are eating them again every day. But if your plan gives you a quick fix for that, from time to time you may eat your favorite foods as you will feel more comfortable.

These plans completely remove certain food groups; if you have a medical problem, you should not completely eat some particular foods, especially when we talk about good things like lean protein, good fats, natural carbs and grains. Perhaps you should regulate your intake of fruits or dairy products for some time, but your plan must be broad enough to include them at certain times, and you can eat that way the rest of your life.

Question # 3 – Why I want to change?

There are many causes, but they are supposed to be begun with you only in the first place instead of any other person for the reason that life changes for one’ own sake, not for others.

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