The Formula Of Tom Cruise’s Ideal Figure – Part 2

Tom 2

Training for the Movies

For the shooting of movie ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘The Age of Rock’, in which the actor had to shoot shirtless, Tom intensely exercised. In one of his interviews told that he had to work out in the evenings due to lack of time during the day.

For the preparation of his role in ‘The Last Samurai’, the actor had to train for six hours daily for his performance with the real sword many times.

The Secret of Hollywood Abs

Given his stature and tendency to gain weight (both muscle and fat), the actor had to adopt for a demanding diet. Of course this does not always mean the use of calories down to 1200, often only to control the nutrients.

For the preparation of the shooting in the movie ‘Oblivion’, Tom Cruise also actively exercised, did cardio workouts and worked on the abdominal area. But just as he likes to repeat in his interviews, the ideal abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

The basic formula of the figure of Tom Cruise, who entered the fifty first year of his life in the year 2013, is the constant training, physical loads and control of food and nutrients because after forty years, men’s bodies start storing fat more easily, especially in the area of stomach.

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