Discover The Ways To Train For Different Somatotypes


It is believed that all the people from birth have one of the 3 body frame types known as 1) ectomorph, 2) endomorph and 3) mesomorph. All the physical traits and sporting achievements of people depend on these types of bodies.

Depending on the training and a controlled diet, you can change your own somatotype and go from being a skinny or overweight person to a slim and muscular person. However, much of it depends on the trends given by the nature and genetics.

How to Find Your Somatotype?

People have difficulty finding their somatotype as are several features involved. The author of the theory of somatotypes, William Sheldon considered contextures. You can see that there how are ‘obese mesomorphic’ or ‘thin endomorph’.

To correctly define the type of somatotype, you must remember your ability to gain weight in childhood: it is important to understand if you were a child with heaviness or very you had skinny figure. In fact, the age of 30 or something tells a very little about the nature and genetics.

Ectomorphs – The Weak By Nature

Ectomorphs have the following distinctive features.

• Long and thin arms
• Narrow shoulder and ribcage
• Low force
• Little subcutaneous fat level
• Fast Metabolism

Ectomorphs are virtually fat under the skin and they do not have muscles. Muscle mass is gained with great difficulty and a pause in the exercise routine is evidenced by rapid weight loss while weight gain is evidenced with the work of several months.

Ectomorph Training Strategy

• Exercise

The exercise are to be performed with little time but very intensive (no more than 45 minutes, three times a week) with at least do cardio.

• Food

Increase the daily amount of calories and consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kg along with a lot of carbohydrates.

Mesomorphs – The Athletes

Mesomorphs possess the subsequent distinctive features.

• Broad shoulders and ribcage
• Fast Metabolism
• Strong
• Rapid muscle growth due to training
• Constant desire to be on the move

Mesomorphs are athletic in nature and are likely to lead a sports life from birth. Importantly, without exercise or constant poor eating habits, these people tend to accumulate weight.

Mesomorphic Training Strategy

Any type of training works for them; the important thing is to be consistent and do not forget to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week.


It is important to remember that excessive carbohydrate diet can lead to accumulate subcutaneous fat.

Endomorphs – Have A Tendency To Accumulate Fat

Endomorphs have the under mentioned characteristic.

• Thick bone structure and limbs
• Short arms, legs, waist and wide hips
• Slow Metabolism
• Little force
• Accumulate fat

It is one of the most common somatotypes. People belonging to this type of body frame tend to accumulate fat quickly as they have slow metabolism. Only diet and consistent training are able to give these people a well shaped body.

Endomorphs Training Strategy


The high intensity exercises are needed with a lot of cardio and core exercises to speed up metabolism.


They need diet with high protein, low carbohydrate and completely exclude sugars and flours.

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