Discover How Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) Stay Fit & Shaped – Part 2


The Truth about Superhero Workouts

In interviews, Robert clarifies that he is not a professional sportsman. In addition, age is a disfavoring factor, so the training program was especially developed for him keeping in mind that Robert combines combat sports and strength training exercises. Furthermore, considering that the actor is not tall enough (174 cm tall), it was not difficult to give the impression of muscular physique on screen. It is a common fact in case of taller people, this is more complicated and they need to further increase muscle mass.

Lower Body

• Squats – 4 x 8-12
• Lying leg curl – 4 x 8-12
• Leg press – 4 x 8-12
• Lunge on TRX (suspension machine) – 3 x 15-20 each leg
• Push-ups on TRX – 3 x 15
• Romanian deadlift – 3 x 8-10
• Full squats – 3 × 8 -10
• Circuit abs – 3 rounds

Upper Body

• Stick drives – 3 x 8-12
• Dips in parallel – 3 x 8-12
• Chest press on ball – 3 x 8-12
• Remo low pulley with narrow grip – 3 x 8-12
• Press seated dumbbell man – 3 x 8-12
• Push-ups – 3 x 15-20
• Push-ups in suspension machine (TRX) – 3 times to exhaustion
• Chest exercises in suspension TRX – 3 times to exhaustion
• Front and side elevations shoulders – 3 x 8-12
• Alternate Elevations shoulder – 3 x 40
• Lift bag (sandbag) – 3 × 12-15
• Abs circuit – 3 rounds

The Abdominal Exercises

The main thing, as you remember, is that a flat stomach is the reflection of a small percentage of subcutaneous fat, which is achieved through diet. No exercise is able to remove the fat, so it is useless to have muscle relief through abdominal exercises.

Robert Downey Jr. worked for the increased volume. This type of training not only raises the muscles, but also the percentage of fat (due to the high amount of calories in the diet). Abdominal exercises were only for the strengthening and not for visual effect.

Before starting an exercise program like the stars, you must understand the fact and keep it in mind that the stars perform exercises under the constant supervision of the qualified dieticians.

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